Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Past Unselfish Soul for Today's Selfish Hoes (MLK assassination poem)

(I perform this on April 4th, 2008 at Boston University's MLK Day celebration, which included Talib Kweli, Chuck D, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Derek Walcott and Simon Estes to name a few. This poem met a lot to me, and I thank the Holy Trnity for giving me these words.)

Viewer and listener discretion is advised
Because I can't believe the title of this piece I have divised

The past unselfish soul for today's selfish hoes
The title be controversial
But for me changing the name of it, Hell no!
Why that title?
Because of the sound of that rifle
Down on the ground, 40 years later, we still hearing the echos from that haunted sound

But some ear lobs won't be able to capture the sorrow, more on their minds who helped Young Jeezy with a new collabo
And forgetting the amazing character of the unselfish soul
I consider them, outside there and inside here, selfish hoes!
Pimped by figures that could make Don Juan look like an actual bishop, let the truth be told.
Their P-I-M-P's be mediocrity, hypocricy,stupidity, racial intensity, and straight apathy
Certainly not drinking that pimp juice from Nelly

From this welfare family saying, "We can live off the government so easily"
To this next tale bout this dude with his crap Nextel, bragging all over the bus how he got some new tail, prompts me to yell.

"Dumbasses! You are all selfish hoes, forgettng the legacy of the unselfish soul, cause stupidity straight pimped your cerebral."

These people, make me deeply sigh, and quote Jadakiss and Anthony Hamilton by asking "Why?"

Because James Earl Ray maybe created a day of an array of disarray
Because James Earl Ray maybe created a day of an array of disarray
Because James Earl Ray maybe created a day of an array of disarray

Confusion today stemming from that tragedy on that Memphis balcony
Leading me to thank Aaron McGrudor for creating Huey
And Riley
It's not ludricrious that I get on my inner Ludacris by calling these fools hoes
Couldn't locate God even if they were in church and looked directly at their Bible
I know this gospel is soundin a little hostile, but if you're a strong soul from Bed-Stuy, that's typical

Where in a day and age where R&B, "Repetitiveness and Bogginess"
Completely wasting the accomplishments of a life changin spirit
I'm so sick of these activists, who came that they dont get no justice
who need to just quit, Roll over to the side like they were Elliot Spitz
Do you here that all the way in Detroit Kwame Kirkpatrick

And there are more noticeable figures who have tarnished the legacy of the unselfish soul
Clarence Thomas is a Supreme Court ho
Wendy Williams is a nosiy ho
Bob Johnson is a sellout ho
Sorry Bill Cosby, but now, your an elist ho
Curtis Jackson has always been a buck-tooth ho
Karren Stephens, need I say mo
Robert Kelly is...........a pedophile
All leave you with an aftertaste of bile, but there are others mentioned here today that's also on that prostitution file

But I must fellow a common rule that's international
Never give extra time to these or any hoes

For the unselfih soul got arrested multiple times undeservingly
The unselfish hoes ar locked because they got caught in grand larceny
For the unselfish soul got stabbed in Harlem because of acridmony
The unselfish hoes got stabbed in Harlem because they were late with the money
For the unselfish soul has schools and blocks named after him to uphold his legacy
The selfish hoes tarnish and embarrass those intitutions and their communities

With all that info, my head goes into hydrolic mode, it nods that this is a painful prose
Stemmi from a moment in time that's froze
When that rifle spoke one minute past six, colon, double zero

But instead of that making me a selfish ho, I uphold to the legacy of the unselfish soul, and justify this entire piece's title

And turn that disarray into an array of a day that not selfish ho would forget in this country.
God bless you MLK, you are my unselfish soul for this April 4th day.