Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitting on You Elliott

Excuse me if I’m wrong, but didn’t “The Wire” end last night?

I would be more than glad to know that it has suddenly continued, resuscitated from its presumed forever stagnant pulse. I would also be in tremendous euphoria if the media finally gave it the attention equal to its undefined quality. Even if it’s based on real life, you can’t believe the stuff that David Simon and crew came up with to produce television that just isn’t seen in other shows. And you see why the show, despite being so much deeper than its moniker, is called “The Wire.”

For no foul play can be unearthed without that precious wire. Oh to have that precious show back.

So, I don’t know what ridiculous hallucinations have creped into your mind to think this show has con……… Wait, you say HBO isn’t behind this sudden comeback of “The Wire?” And it’s not based in Baltimore anymore? And despite that, it’s actually getting press spotlights?

What type of wire show is this?

It’s the one show where you can believe the authenticity of “The Wire” because it gets this exact event right. Where the outrageous things that happen, especially in government, is actual reality, shocking reality.

It is a show that doesn’t involve brilliant acting or a masterful script, but one where even the premiere writers and actors couldn’t top. This show that truly explodes bombshells in our face unexpectedly, making us think we must be apart of our series drama ourselves.

It’s the show that’s not just in Baltimore, but in New York of all places. It’s the one that is not on HBO, but on network and cable TV. It’s the one that doesn’t have a series finale, because there is always one idiot (whether arrogant, insensitive, or just a complete buffoon) around the corner, waiting to be the next one burned forever.

And this show’s governor isn’t Thomas Carcetti, but Elliot Spitzer. It’s “The Wire: New York” style, and there’s nothing fictional about it.

Spitzer was caught in a wire tap that smelled of Lester Freeman’s quality yesterday, but it was the real feds behind this. And it was a real governor whose real scandal is still real hard to digest. Even more of a struggle to swallow is this question, how “real” was Spitzer?

Hypocrites are a massive plague in this society, from the nadir to the zenith. In fact, even if the status of a person varies, there is no difference at all, for a hypocrite is a hypocrite, no matter who they are. But it is even magnetized further when it’s a public official, who is the governor of arguably the most prestigious state in the country, who has based his entire rise through the ranks on his integrity. And the hypocrisy ascends to greater proportions, when it is one who lambastes those violating the ability to do what’s right for so many years now caught in a web of his own egregiousness.

Despite his Harvard law degree and his legendary tenure as an attorney general, Elliot Spitzer is first and foremost a hypocrite. Forever a hypocrite of the highest order is he.

Forget all of those Wall Street crooks that he exposed, or the divisiveness he caused between State Republicans and himself throughout the 14 months he’s been in office. The real reason for all these cries of breaching the morality he preached on should center on the fact that he closed all these prostitution rings, only to be placed as the costumer one himself. Repeated, nine time costumer to be exact.

And this is not even weighting on if he has committed a federal crime or not, which is certainly possible considering where the money came from. Because nothing can be ruled out after he is now known as “Client 9”.

Let’s be honest here, nothing should come out of all these cronies who Spitzer prosecuted over the years, because they would be even bigger hypocrites than he is. From Wall Street to the pimps and even Joe Bruno, his biggest enemy who has his case of personal extract that can’t be located in his toilet, if you get what I mean, all of them couldn’t help by hide their rapture. They can celebrate all they want for his fall, but they are still apart of this country’s problem of slimeball organizations and no-good legislators more shady than Eminem’s label. Spitzer’s despicable situation doesn’t exempt them for their ways, and neither should the public now suddenly.

However, you can understand their felicitation, and not only because he made some of their lives a living hell. It’s because Spitzer thought he was slick and sly enough to get away with this, only to get caught in his own arrogant web that will lead to his inevitable demise. He not only did this once, he not only did this twice, but he did this nine times, and as time went on, the more his belief in his impenetrability increased. Coupled with getting the Democratic power almost in his hands in the State’s house just a month ago after a forgettable first year, this man uttered complete confidence that nothing was going to go wrong for him again.

And then the bell of irony struck louder than anything Big Ben or the cathedral at Notre Dame could ever ring.

People trying to defend him with arguments made for him to keep his job, trying to compare his infidelity to Bill Clinton, to Larry David, to Jim McGreevery, to Thomas Jefferson or to whatever politician at any time need to stop with that utter nonsense right away. Out of the five individuals mentioned, only McGreevery, the former governor of New Jersey, resigned. All of these figures, unlike Spitzer, were never intensely watched by the FBI like the now abased executive figurehead of the state. And all of these figures were never attorney generals who preached about holding up to a moral of ethics only to come up well short of those cries for correct conduct.

Elliot Spitzer literally had a chance to do a myriad of great things for not only this state, but even this country. He had the resume and the undisputed people’s support, and won by a margin 17 months ago that may never be seen again in any gubernatorial race this state will have. The charisma, the audacity to stand up to big wigs, the fight for the little man, and most importantly, the belief to do what was right himself is what Spitzer had, or what we thought he had. And even more in his grasp was the opportunity to be one of the greatest governors ever in this State, parleying that into a strong bid at becoming president of this country (the first Jewish one to be exact).

But Spitzer thought he could keep all those hopes but doing whatever he wanted to do, thinking he was completely exempt from all the love the citizens of New York had bestowed to him with their votes. No doubt this was the case, because he never thought he hands would be stuck in the cookie jaw. Even cookie monster isn’t that hungry the way Spitzer was for his sneakiness to never be stopped.

It’s a script that Simon and his staff weren’t crazy enough to corroborate; because they even know that the likes of a Carcetti would stop (and actually did stop) at any hints of debauchery that would damage him forever. Somehow Spitzer didn’t see that, the latest. Thank God he didn’t announce to the public his belief that he was tricked into this, and even in his own mind, he shouldn’t even think about that. Because he is the one who tricked himself into the nightmare that he has placed on his wife, his three daughters, his aides, his friends in the Senate (if any), and even Hilary Clinton. Not Bruno and the Republicans, not any other enemy, not any conspiracy theory. Even if he was duped, he was stupid enough to put himself in that position. It makes you think where was his Harvard degree all this time he’s been governor, especially in this situation.

“The Wire” truly never ended on HBO this past Sunday, and will never end. Because politicians will continue to always do this, and the feds will always be ready to detonate a bombshell. I guess Elliot Spitzer should finally get an Emmy award for it.